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Rigid Industries Marine D2 XL DRIVE SET OF 2 32461

Rigid Industries Marine D2 XL DRIVE SET OF 2
Rigid Industries Marine D2 XL DRIVE SET OF 2
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Rigid Industries Marine D2 XL DRIVE SET OF 2

Stainless Steel Hardware Includes: Bracket, and All necessary mounting hardware UV-resistant Polyester Powder-Coat Unbreakable Polycarbonate Lens Vibration Isolator


Watts: 43 LED's: 12 Raw Lumens: 3792 Lux @ 10m: 265.56 Peak Beam Intensity: 26556 cd

Dually XL Series - Not too BIG and not too SMALL... just RIGHT! The all new Dually XL Series. Everything you expect from the innovative D-Series is now available in a bigger and brighter package. With its unbreakable polycarbonate lens, durable UV-resistant polyester powder-coat, stainless steel hardware, and vibration isolator, the Dually XL utilizes patented Rigid Industries optics that project high intensity LED light with more output for use in any application. The Dually XL Series is available in all optics and marine applications.

Our ever evolving technology, advancements in quality, tight top shelf binning QC on LEDs from only leading manufacturers with our secret sauce of optics and PCBs that make the LED perform to it max and last its max lifespan all housed in our torture tested housings makes all the difference in our products.

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